October 2017 $2115*

Our last month in the US was all we had expected it to be from the financial side of things. We had many last minute boat projects and a few unexpected costs. In addition to over $1000 in pre-planned spare parts purchased in San Diego, we also stocked up on warm weather clothes and a few wetsuits we had not planned to purchase. 

One item we did not include as part of a spending this month was a pre-planned trip off the boat. We spend 2 days and one night at the Lego Land Hotel and Park. This had been our first destination planned on our around the world trip planning. Something Aksel had been looking forward to for years and we had saved separately for. The total cost was a ridicules $700 but was a “once in a childhood” type of event that Aksel will not soon forget.

*Excluding the pre-planned purchases of boat parts and our Lego Land trip.