September 2017 $2113

Damn you California… You’re killing my budget.  Well, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been, but we went well over our budget this month. The biggest hit to the budget were marinas. We found that several of the spots we wanted to hang out didn’t have safe anchorages (contrary to our cruising guides suggestion).  We also took a 30% increase per gallon in fuel and spend an unreasonable $150 for the 3 of us to go to the Monterey Aquarium.  Something I would defiantly do again, but it was a lot of cash to drop for a few hours.  We still have 1 more month in the US before we hope to get the cost down in Mexico. Wish us luck.

setp 2017.png



All Food we purchase to prepare ourselves on the boat.


This cost is associated with any costs related to parking the boat for the night. 


Fuel accounts for both diesel and gas for the boat or our outboard. (95% is for diesel)


This line item covers all boat maintenance or upgrades.


This covers all miscellaneous items such as laundry, car rentals, or any other item that is not easy to categorize.

Eating Out:                

This is the cost of all eating out at restaurants and/or coffee shops. It also includes snacks we might buy while not on the boat.


The insurance line item covers both Health Insurance and Boat Insurance.


This covers two cell phones, satellite texting and weather information.


This is for all cost associated with checking in or checking out of a country.