August 2017- $1,844

Knowing that our average budget for our trip is $1500 per month, this month was a pleasant surprise, even though we spent above our budgeted average.  This month’s total was $1,844 and covered two weeks of cursing in the San Juan’s and Gulf Islands as well and a couple of weeks held up in marinas as we waited for storms to pass as we moved down the west coast of the United States.  The US will be one of the more expensive places we travel over the next few years and with any luck, by keeping our costs down here, we will have no problem once we leave to lower cost destinations.

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 12.48.08 PM.png




All Food we purchase to prepare ourselves on the boat.


This cost is associated with any costs related to parking the boat for the night. 


Fuel accounts for both diesel and gas for the boat or our outboard. (95% is for diesel)


This line item covers all boat maintenance or upgrades.


This covers all miscellaneous items such as laundry, car rentals, or any other item that is not easy to categorize.

Eating Out:                

This is the cost of all eating out at restaurants and/or coffee shops. It also includes snacks we might by while not on the boat.


The insurance line item covers both Health Insurance and Boat Insurance.


This covers two cell phones, satellite texting and weather information.


This is for all cost associated with checking in or checking out of a country.

Upgrading the Boat- $35,000

The cost of updating a boat to prepare it for long distance blue water cruising will differ for each boat and each family. But this is what we choose to meet our needs best. We realize we could easily have done it for a fraction of this cost or spent 2 to 3 times this amount. We found this to be our comfort zone with enough bells and wistles to be both safe and comfortable from our perspective. 

Below is a list of the significant items we upgraded. 


Significant Upgrades

Solar Panels  

$3000 (including arch, panels, cables and controller)

Voyager Windvane

$1900 (Used)

Quantum Radar


Raymarine Chart Plotter




Katadyn Power Survivor 35 Water Maker

$750 (used)

New Standing Rigging


New Sail Set

$1800 Main

$2500 135% Genoa

Stack Pack 


Strong Track


Rocna 15 w/ 200 feet of chain

$285 anchor

$135 chain (Used)

Wifi Booster


Offshore Life Raft


Iridium Go


New Refrigeration 


Firefly Battery Bank (300 ah)


2nd Fuel Tank (28 gal)

$50 (second hand but never used)

LED Lighting


Sailing Dinghy w/ outboard

$450 Sailing Dinghy (Used)

$550 Outboard (Used)